Best drama of 2013! This is so worth watching. You won’t regret it! :D

This is my first time watching a medical kdrama and I absolutely love it! <3 Very different from the typical kdramas that I’ve watched before. 

This drama is so heartwarming. I cried a lot while watching this, not because it’s just sad but also because it’s so touching. Moon Joo won is such a great actor, he did justice to his role! Hands down to him, also to the cast and crew. 

I can relate with medical stuff that’s why I had big expectations. I’m satisfied with the medical aspect of this drama. I’m really happy that I can understand what they’re talking about even without further explanations [Waah. I’m not bragging. I’m just genuinely happy (>w<)] they also included surgery scenes, which was really cool and made it more realistic! My heart is always beating so fast whenever they’re in the operating room, i can definitely feel the intensity radiating from my monitor (lol whuut?) ‘cause we all have no idea of what will be the outcome.

I also like the fact that there are no complicated love lines in this drama. Thank you writers for that! but there was actually this teeny tiny bit part of me that didn’t want Park Si on to have love lines and all, but when I saw the promotional pic of him and Dr. Cha sitting together..I was like “Yeah. This pic says it all” One more thing, is it just me? I really LOVE Kim Do han and Park Si on moments. They’re just funny! and I find it really sweet how they slowly opened up and show their care for each other. No, I’m not shipping them XD I just love their hyung-dongsaeng relationship.

Speaking of funny moments. Man~ this is so damn funny, I didn’t really expect it. Park Si on is just so cute! He’s so innocent — that’s why it’s 10X funnier XD I personally love his scenes with the Chief of the Pediatric surgery dept. HAHAHAHA. I want to talk more about the other cast members but I feel that this is too long already :P

Lastly, I want to share this quote said by Dr. Han Jin wook. I love it <3

"There is no qualification to love somebody. But, if you love somebody without conditions, you’re qualified to be with that person."

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